Join Knoxville Classical Guitar in paying homage to world-renowned guitarist and composer Lawrence Long through our 50th Anniversary Celebration and Performance Fundraiser.

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You are invited to join Knoxville Classical Guitar in paying homage to world-renowned guitarist and composer Lawrence Long by participating in our 50th Anniversary Celebration and Performance Fundraiser.

Fundraiser participants will offer a tribute to Larry Long and have the opportunity to submit performances that could be featured music on the March 2021 episode of Knoxville Classical Guitar’s podcast, KnoxGuitarBox. Along with that opportunity, the same performances will be reviewed and considered for a guitar giveaway. We will give one KCG Performance Fundraiser participant a brand new Francisco/Marlon Navarro Student Model Classical Guitar!

Lawrence (Larry) Long is a guitarist, instructor, and composer from Knoxville, TN. He’s retired now, but he taught guitar and composed in Knoxville for over 60 years. In 1971, Larry founded Knoxville Classical Guitar, an organization focused on community, guitar education, and performance. Through Larry’s creative efforts and determination, residents of Knoxville and the surrounding areas have shared the blessings of concerts by world-class guitarists, an outstanding community of guitarists and enthusiasts, and rock-solid, guitar-focused music education. Many of Larry’s hundreds of students are now professional guitarists and guitar educators, and his beautiful and accessible compositions are performed across the world.

Knoxville Classical Guitar turns 50 years old in 2021. As a thank you to our founder, Larry Long, in our first-ever Performance Fundraiser, we will highlight several of his compositions to continue shining light on this treasured musician’s creations and gain support so that we can further the work Larry began. And you can help!

Here’s how it works:

Fundraiser participants will record a video of themselves performing a Larry Long composition and submit their recording for the running! A panel of judges will review the submissions and select performances to feature during Knoxville Classical Guitar’s podcast KnoxGuitarBox, Episode 8; “A Conversation with Larry Long,” which will air in March 2021. Participants may be any age, so long as they are not professional guitarists and educators.

1) Choose for performance one or more of the following compositions by Lawrence Long: Doloroso, Clouds, Serenade for Guitar from the collection Conversation Pieces available through Mel Bay. Aurora Borealis, Soliloquy, La Flada Balante, and Bach’s Tacotta in D Minor available on

2) Register online: Complete this form to participate.

3) Secure four sponsors per submission via our Performance Fundraiser page. Suggested donation: $20.

4) Upload your videos to the cloud folder KCG will provide after registration. The deadline for submissions is midnight EST on February 14, 2021. Participants should submit one performance per piece and as many submissions as you wish, as long as four sponsors support each performance.

5) A panel of qualified judges will select the performances to be featured on the March episode of KnoxGuitarBox. The same panel of judges will choose a single participant and give that guitarist a Francisco/Marlon Navarro Student Model Classical Guitar provided by Memorial Music and Francisco Navarro Guitars. Submissions will be reviewed and selected based upon quality recording and performance.

Download documents: Participant or Sponsor