Do you compose or arrange instrumental guitar music? Consider joining our community of composers. (Already a vendor? View your Dashboard.)

Why join us? 

  1. specializes in representing composers and arrangers of music for the guitar.
  2. We support non-profit guitar organizations.
  3. Once you have registered, you can create a vendor page, which can be shared anywhere. (Example)
  4. We are a community of composers, arrangers, professionals, students, and enthusiasts.
  5. There is no cost to submit your work.

..and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I become a vendor?  It’s easy to join us! Register and then submit your original works of music.
  2. How do I submit my work? Once you’ve registered as a vendor, visit your vendor dashboard and click “add item,” then follow the prompts.
    • We accept notation files from Finale, Sibelius, Notion, and MuseScore. We use these files to create pdfs and a digital audio rendition of your work.
    • If you have an audio file (mp3), submit a pdf of the score along with the mp3.
    • We will hold the submissions until we can review it.  The review process can take up to 48 hours.
  3. What music does FlintMerylMusic sell? Any original compositions or arranged public domains works for the guitar, guitar ensembles, and combos.
  4. How is the price of my work determined? FlintMerylMusic sets the price point for all music sold on Prices are determined based upon the number of pages and the complexity of the musical work. It’s that simple! We want music, all compositions, and arrangements to be accessible and affordable.
  5. How much will I be paid for the sales of my music? We donate a large portion of our sales to Knoxville Classical Guitar and other non-profit guitar organizations. Sales divide as follows: Composer/arranger/non-profit guitar organizations of your choice (50%), and FlintMerylMusic/Knoxville Classical Guitar (50%). You can specify a percentage of that 50% to give to the non-profit guitar organization of your choice.
  6. Payouts: FlintMerylMusic sends funds from sales to composers at the end of each month via PayPal. We will contact non-profit guitar organizations as they are submitted by composers to discuss distribution.

Still have questions? Contact us for more information, or register to begin!