Preludes and Fugues for Two Guitars (Vol 3.)

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Preludes and Fugues for Two Guitars Volume 3 is a set of 8 short pieces selected from a larger work, Preludes and Fugues for Two Guitars by Tom Norris, DMA. The works were inspired by the two volumes of preludes and fugues by J.S. Bach known collectively as The Well Tempered Clavier.

This download contains Preludes and Fugues in the keys of E Major, C# Minor, F Major, and D Minor 

The fugues of Preludes and Fugues for Two Guitars are written in an early 18th century style following the rules of harmony and counterpoint of that time. Each fugue revolves around a short musical phrase known as a subject. The subject is stated many times throughout the work and is usually accompanied by a countersubject. The first, third and final statements of the subject are in the tonic key while other statements are in keys closely related to the tonic.

The preludes, although all tonal in a conventional sense, display a much wider stylistic range than do the fugues.  Most of the preludes were written to provide contrast to each ensuing fugue. For example, a fast lively fugue is apt to be paired with a slow somber prelude and vice versa.

The pieces in this collection are written for intermediate players and are intended to encourage soloists to experience the richness of ensemble music.

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