These two little pieces make a nice pair for performance. The seemingly unrelated titles are just that. The pieces were conceived separately. They have randomly, successfully met.

Though the Afternoon Song is a relatively easy piece that can be played by intermediate level guitarists, Sliding should be considered an advanced piece.

Both pieces are quite guitaristic. I think you will find the fingering options for Afternoon Song to be pretty straightforward, so I have not indicated very much in the way of suggestions. Sliding, on the other hand, while being quite guitaristic (though a bit tricky) can be approached in a variety of fingering styles and with varied technical considerations. For this very opposite reason given for not including fingerings for the first piece, I have included very few fingering suggestions for this one. Please feel free to add slurs, cross string scale playing, right hand options etc. – I think you will find that the piece works in your style.

Pat Kerber

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